2014 Hot Elevator Main Board ThyssenKrupp parts

2017-11-17 16:19:45


Elevator main board
- brand new
- made in China, made in Korea, made in Germany
- stock available

2014 Hot Elevator Main Board ThyssenKrupp Parts

Product Picture

ThyssenKrupp Inverter

ThyssenKrupp Diagnostics Unit

ThyssenKrupp elevator parts available

1. Main board MC1, MC2, MC3

2. VVVF Inverter main board TMI2

3. VVVF Inverter CPIK32MI, CPIK48MI, CPI48, CPI32

4. Encoder ECN413, 100H-38-1024

5. Door operator F9, RCF1

6. Door operator inverter K100, K200, K300

7. Door operator motor K200, K300

8. car communication board MF3-C, MF4-C

9. car extension board MF4-C

10. car display board GMA9

11. display board MS3-C, MS3-S, MS3-SG, G-264A, G-291A

12. door operator encoder K200

13. door light curtain E618, E1118

14. door knife F9, K200, K300

15. door key S8

16. brake power EMBP-220

17. brake switch OR81GL-DHTN

18. door wheel 70*17*6202

19. Diagnostics unit I type, PT

20. push button MT42, DA280, DA280 slim type

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Shanghai Sunny Elevator Assembly Co.,Ltd, found in 1992, is a 22-year professional manufacturer specialized in designing and producing Opto-Electro-Mechanical products. Our main products are elvator light curtains, photoelectric switches, elevator COP LOP buttons and elevator parts. The company has a complete set of equipment and instruments in terms of mechanism, sheetmetal, plastics, moulding, electric appliance,together with SMT line, which are respectively used in key parts of production, assembling, and quality detecion. Such full range of equipments is rare in the field and greatly increases our production flexibility and R&D capabilities. Twenty years' experience in the elevator industry ensures us to provide our clients reliable products, leading-edge technology and perfect after-sales service.

Shanghai Sunny has been entitled shanghai high-tech enterprise for nine consecutive years and our self-developed SN-GM1 series infrared light curtain obtained national invention patent(NO.ZL01105213.9). It also obtianed UL Certification(file No.E230770) in 1992, and CCC Certificationin 2010,which are unique among our competitors. Our light curtain and photodiode switch series both have been authorized CE certification. In 2007, the platform screen door in Shanghai Metro line and its northen extension of line one initially adopted infrared light curtain device provided by our company. Our long –time clients include Hyundai (served as OEM), Hitachi,Otis, Mitsubishi, KONE, Guangri Elevator, Wittur etc.