Fermator Elevator Parts Lift Components

2017-11-17 12:50:02

Name: Fermator Elevator Parts Lift Components

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Scope Of Application:

Suitable for frequency conversion device control of various elevators,vertical lift and staircase and passenger

and cargo ladder driving traction machine.

The working conditions and environment:

a. elevation not exceeding 1000 meters;

b. the air temperature in the room should be maintained at 5-40 ;

c. traction machine must be reliably grounded. The grounding resistance is less than 4;

d. supply voltage fluctuations and the rated value deviation does not exceed 7%;

e. ambient air shall not contain corrosive and flammable gas;

f. environment relative humidity the moisture on the average should be less than 90%, the monthly mean

minimum temperature should not be higher than 25 ;

g. wire rope traction and the traction sheave groove surface shall not affect the existence of the traction

performance of lubricant and other sundries;

h. car and the package in the traction wheel weight device and wire rope angle shall meet EN81regulations.

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Our company:

Suzhou Jiude E&M Tec. Co., Ltd established in 2009, located in Suzhou China, the heart of the world elevator

manufacturing industry. The company has two branches, one is Suzhou Vlen elevator parts Co., Ltd and

another is Suzhou Wuzhong District Fuxun elevator parts Factory. Both of them have standard modern

workshop and equipped with whole set manufacturing equipments.

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