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Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine manuctured by Shandong Microwave Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Features and benefits of Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine:
Touchscreen display, PID function adjust Compound refrigeration technology, less frozen dry time
Large freezing capacity and large water capture capacity of Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine
Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine Material is 304 stainless steel in side, to keep anti-corrosion, strong and easy to clean
Silicone oil frozen medium, the deviation is no more than 1°C, so drying uniformly
Drying chamber's door is made of high transparent and colorless transparent organic glass
Optional for in situ pre freezing
Optional temperature recorder of Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine, the adjustable temperature record point and real-time monitoring
Optional eutectic point test device, and automatic pressure plug device
Square shelf of Hot sale in Australia microwave wood dryer machine is not easy deformation, easy operation and cleaning

Hot sale good performance microwave drying machine/ microwave wood dryer machine


Brief Description Herb Microwave Dryer:

Herb microwave dryer is a such dryer which is used of microwave to reduce the raw material. Unlike other external heating drying, herb microwave dryer can dry the raw material from internal and external at the same time. Using this method, herb microwave dryer can save drying time and avoid the raw material becoming metamorphism or coking at the overheat environment. The drying effect is very good, especially for the heat sensitive food.

The Technical Parameter of Herb Microwave Dryer:

Product Name microwave wood dryer machine
Device type Transmission belt
Microwave frequency 2450±50MHz
Power 20-200kw
Size (10-42)m*1.1m*1.7m
Transmission speed 0-5m/minute
Input voltage Three-PhaseAC 380V
Weight 1.3t-18t
Cabinet color Silverh white
The whole material Industrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limit ≤1mW/cm²
Ambinet teme perature -10-40°c
working time 24 hours

WARMLY PROMPT: The herb microwave dryer can be customed by your detailed requirements.

The Working Principles of Herb Microwave Dryer:

Herb microwave dryer is used of electro-magnetic induction or infrared radiation to dry the raw material. By microwave energy permeation, the material inner moisture quickly been heated and gasified, forming a strong outward diffusion situation, to make the moisture extremely quickly spread to the surface.

The Main components of Herb Microwave Dryer:

1.Microwave generator system

2.Microwave box

3.Temperature controlling system

4.Humidity controlling system

5.Transmission system

6.PLC and touch screen control system

7.Humidity discharging system

8.Electrical cabinets

9.Cooling system

10.Hot air recycling and circulatory system

The Application of Herb Microwave Dryer:

Herb microwave dryer is widely used in powder, sludge, granular, crystalline materials, chemical material, dehydration treatment, such as chemical raw materials, chemical ore, fin chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chemical fertilizers polymers, coatings and inorganic pigments, dyes and organic pigments, food and feed additives, catalysts and chemical additives, adhesives, new energy materials, rubber products, chemical reagents, etc.

The Advantages of Herb Microwave Dryer:

1.Microwave generating system is used high-quality original device microwave electronics accessories which are high-quality original device, high performance, high reliability, and long life.

2.Small investment, fast-drying, evaporation, high strength.

3.Herb microwave dryer have a uniform drying effect. Because of water molecules is the best microwave absorptive material and different water content parts has different microwave absorptive amount, so the final moisture of material is very uniform.

4.Our Herb microwave dryer is energy-efficient. Microwave direct on the material, so there is no heat loss. It can save 30% power than far-infrared heat.

5.Herb microwave dryer has a short drying time, the microwave is from the every directions into the material, both inner and surface water are heated, it greatly reduce the drying time,

6.Our herb microwave dryer have advanced design easy operation, and no thermal inertia. You just need to control the system, then the herb microwave dryer can work by itself.

7.The transmission speed of herb microwave dryer can be adjusted, you can adjust the transmission speed according to different capacity and different moisture.

If you interested in herb microwave dryer, please contact us freely.

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