Microwave Drying Machine

2018-01-27 21:18:28

Compared with the box type and vacuum microwave drying equipment, the tunnel type microwave drying equipment has the main advantages of continuous drying, large production and low labor intensity. Compared with the traditional equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low enerLD consumption, the uniform heating, the drying speed is fast, the thermal inertia, the safety and environmental protection, the advantages of simple operation, easy to control etc..

Microwave Drying Machine is applied to drying, ripening and sterilization of black Cereals, soybeans, mung beans, corn, wheat skin, buckwheat, oatmeal, soybeans and peanuts.Drying sterilization seafood seasoning, sterilization, drying, puffing Tenebrio; rose, tea and other tea flower.Conventional thermo - thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material, but there is an internal and external temperature difference through the heat conduction to the interior. In order to maintain the food flavor, shorten the processing time.

Often the food inside does not reach enough temperature to affect the germicidal effect. Due to the penetration of microwave Ken, when the food is treated as a whole, the surface and the interior are simultaneously affected, so disinfection and sterilization are even and complete.

Herbal microwave drying equipment

Product Description

1. The machine is made of thickened stainless steel 304 material, nice, easy to clean, microwave system core components of independent research and development manufacturing.

2. The use of special drainage system, rapid drainage, improve efficiency

3.Man-machine interface operation, plc automatic control

4. Microwave power continuously adjustable, the process parameters freely set

5. Loading and unloading material can be controled automatic

6. Using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technoloLD, high precision, simple control, video display, easy to monitor

7 Equipment in line with national GMP certification requirements;

8. Microwave leakage value

Packaging & Shipping

Herbal microwave drying equipment can be packed by daub coal oil on the surface to protect the machine from moisture, Then cover with plastic film.Finaly packing them with standard export wooden cases

shipping:Shipped in 15-20 workdays after payment

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Company Information

Jinan LD Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which provides research, design, manufacture and sales of machinery and high tech environmental products.

LD main products: microwave drying machine, microwave sterilization equipment, vacuum drying machine, microwave extractor, defroster, roaster, extruder, microwave vulcanization, sintering furnace/oven, drying kiln, liquid sterilization equipment. Science and technoloLD are the sources of quality, and responsibility is the guarantee of quality. As a professional company of equipment &machinery, we have passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. With the spirit of credit, preciseness, and innovation, led by hi-tech and based on market-orientation, our company will constantly develop new and good products.

Our products are widely used in Vietnam, Thailand, India, the United States, Poland, Iran, Malaysia, New Zealand, Myanmar and other more than 30 countries and regions, Our products have been highly recognized by the majority of users.


Q1.What’s your advantage?

1)More than15 Years experience of microwave drying and sterilizing machine production.We have the most professional techniques and team. More advantage in product quality.Maybe our price is not the lowest, but our quality is the LD

2)Great production capacity Sustainable Supply . According to customer requirements, We support the customized include package.

3)We use 100% new materials and the LD production process, in consequence our

defective rate is lower than 0.01%

Q2.What’s the Payment?

A:T/T would be better with quick transfer and few bank fees. LC could also be accept, but the procedure is complex and the fee is high. You can also use Western Union and Paypal.For large quantity,sea shipping can be provided.

Q3.Are you a factory or trading company?

A:We are a professional manufacturer.We have same different sample machine for testing. We are warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us

Q4. Why we choose you?

1.High Quality---- Quality Raw Material, Advanced Facilities, Fine Procedures.

2.High Productivity

3.Fast Delivery

4.Leading Level R & D Department

5.Experienced Marketing Manager

6.Professional Design Department

7.Accept OEM & ODM

8.Excellent After-sales Service