olive leaves drying machine

2018-01-28 08:09:01

Compared with the box type and vacuum microwave drying equipment, the tunnel type microwave drying equipment has the main advantages of continuous drying, large production and low labor intensity. Compared with the traditional equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low enerLD consumption, the uniform heating, the drying speed is fast, the thermal inertia, the safety and environmental protection, the advantages of simple operation, easy to control etc..

olive leaves drying machine is applied to drying, ripening and sterilization of black Cereals, soybeans, mung beans, corn, wheat skin, buckwheat, oatmeal, soybeans and peanuts.Drying sterilization seafood seasoning, sterilization, drying, puffing Tenebrio; rose, tea and other tea flower.Conventional thermo - thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material, but there is an internal and external temperature difference through the heat conduction to the interior. In order to maintain the food flavor, shorten the processing time.

Often the food inside does not reach enough temperature to affect the germicidal effect. Due to the penetration of microwave Ken, when the food is treated as a whole, the surface and the interior are simultaneously affected, so disinfection and sterilization are even and complete.

olive leaves drying machine

Product Description

Characteristics of olive leaves tunnel microwave drying system

The moisture content of the food is usually 30% to 97%, the use of microwave drying or microwave enhanced drying food has broad application prospects. (1) food microwave quick drying, such as microwave heating method will be dried to a moisture content of less than 20% of dried vegetables vegetables, more than 10 times higher than traditional methods of efficiency. This approach not only applies to the drying of vegetables is more suitable for the drying of seaweed food. Microwave Drying of vegetables under a microscope, can be found in their organizations with fresh vegetables close second only to freeze-dried products, but the short drying time of the freeze-drying. The microwave can also be fried products for final drying, not only to save oil, but also to get a low oil content, ligLD and delicious food. Hot air drying dough for 5 ~ 8h to avoid crust or crack, microwave drying, as long as 1 ~ 2h, from the initial moisture content of dried to 20%, and the hot air away moisture, enerLD saving of 25%.Microwave drying can reduce bacterial contamination, such as hot air and microwave combination drying garlic, hot air, the water dried from 80% to 10% (wet basis), then microwave drying to 5% of the total number of bacteria decreased by 90%, saving 30 %. Under vacuum, the microwave processing temperature is above 40 ° C (sometimes even at 15 ° C) will be deterioration or degradation of materials, vacuum drying oven only by thermal conduction, usually there is no convection heating, drying time is very long. Microwave vacuum drying the product juicy fruits, tea powder, enzymes, and vegetables (mushrooLD, garlic, soy, etc.), operating costs between the spray and freeze drying. In these systeLD, the material usually paste materials, laying on the conveyor belt, along the tunnel of the special manufacturing (the degree of vacuum is 133.3 ~ 2666Pa) through the formation of bubble bar. Rehydration of good performance. (2) microwave and hot air for drying tomatoes, grapes, potato chips, carrots and other vegetable products, microwave and hot air for drying can improve the quality of products, rehydration and low degree of shrinkage. (3) food microwave extruded dry beans, cereal and tuber crops such as powder, add water to the α of food additives, and then joined the quantitative modulation molding, pre-drying, and then microwave the product is fast drying. Protein-based raw materials to the enhancer of the starch, salt, spices and puffing agent mixed mixing, molding, pre-dried, and then microwave heating, the food is heated will produce carbon dioxide and water vapor, resulting in soft convenience foods. (4) the microwave cooking process of meat Glanz and LG microwave oven gives microwave recipes, the recipes can be meat, seafood, poultry processing, made from a variety of cuisine, average savings of about 60% of enerLD, bone reflected microwave, and thus within the meat more easily cooked from meat the size and shape restrictions. (5) microwave and infrared waves, combined baking the Yushi tender outside the focus of food, microwave and cooked before baking with infrared, such as mushrooLD and chicken, roast duck, roast sub-pig. (6) microwave sterilization and preservation of food in the microwave field, the micro-organisLD of various polymer polar, resulting in the intensity of the rotation and vibration, such as protein and nucleic acid mutation, which kill bacteria. Under normal circuLDtances, mold, yeast and most bacteria heated to 70 ~ 80 °Ccan kill microwave 1min will be able to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Mold spores such as Penicillium spores in 68 to 71 ° C after 20min of conventional sterilization to kill, and microwave in 68 ~ 71 ° C after a 2min easy to get satisfactory results. "Moon cakes" such as microwave sterilization, mold and preservation, and achieved good results and no longer have to import the preservative. Dry sterilization, soy flour, dry sterilization of chicken, hearts sweet potatoes, dry sterilization, etc., and achieved very good results.

Main specifications of olive leaves tunnel microwave drying machine





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0-10m/min (Adjustable)

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