microwave muscade sterilization machine TL-10

2018-01-28 06:36:51

Compared with the box type and vacuum microwave drying equipment, the tunnel type microwave drying equipment has the main advantages of continuous drying, large production and low labor intensity. Compared with the traditional equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low enerLD consumption, the uniform heating, the drying speed is fast, the thermal inertia, the safety and environmental protection, the advantages of simple operation, easy to control etc..

microwave muscade sterilization machine TL-10 is applied to drying, ripening and sterilization of black Cereals, soybeans, mung beans, corn, wheat skin, buckwheat, oatmeal, soybeans and peanuts.Drying sterilization seafood seasoning, sterilization, drying, puffing Tenebrio; rose, tea and other tea flower.Conventional thermo - thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material, but there is an internal and external temperature difference through the heat conduction to the interior. In order to maintain the food flavor, shorten the processing time.

Often the food inside does not reach enough temperature to affect the germicidal effect. Due to the penetration of microwave Ken, when the food is treated as a whole, the surface and the interior are simultaneously affected, so disinfection and sterilization are even and complete.

microve muscade drying machine

Working principle:
Vegetables dehydration dryer, respectively by feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and the platoon is wet fan and other major parts.
Drying machine is working. The cold air through the heat exchanger heating, adopt scientific and reasonable way of circulation, make the hot air passing through the bed was dry on the surface of the material evenly, for heat and mass transfer of the body of each unit under the action of heat flow in the circulation fan of hot air circulation, the final discharge high humidity in the air at low temperature, finish the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently

Performance characteristics:
Dry area, air pressure, air volume, drying temperature, mesh belt speed are adjustable. To adapt to the characteristic and quality requirement of vegetables.
According to the characteristics of vegetables, adopt different technological process and add the necessary auxiliary equipment

To adapt to the material
Can satisfy the roots, steLD, leafy strips, large lump, flake, granular dry vegetable materials such as mass continuous production, and at the same time, can maximum limit retained product nutrition, color, etc.
Drying of the typical materials are: garlic, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, yam, bamboo shoot, horseradish, onion, apple, etc.

Model TL-10
Rated input power(KVA) 14KW
Microwave output power(KW) 10KW
Expected dehydration(kg/h) 10~13
Expected sterilization capacity(kg/h) 80~150
Size L*W*H(mm) 5850*820*1750