Escalator Parts Sigama 457mm Friction Roller

2017-11-17 21:18:07


1. Escalator Spare Parts--457mm Sigama Friction Roller
2. Dimension: 457mm (610mm & 690mm Available)
3. ECS No.:ESCL0005

WE are an Elevator & Escalator Components company with base HQ in China.
WE specialised in New installation materials and also Maintenance spare

WE are professional one-stop components company with global vision and
international trade practices.

We produce some parts and also have excellent resources & prices for other
complimenting products for the Elevator industry.

We are located in Suzhou, where the heart of China Elevator Industry is ,
It is only . 1.5 hrs drive from Shanghai by Car and 30 minutes by the High
Speed Train .

We have sales network in various countries, serving many elevator
factories, parts resellers and also maintenance companies all over the

Special Strategic Sourcing & logistics consolidation arrangements with
overseas elevator /escalator factories is one of our core business. Our
ready database of recommended and proven , benchmarked exercises are good references for
overseas elevator factories to choose the RIGHT product at the RIGHT

New Installation Materials

1) Wire ropes
2) Guide rails, Fishplates & Clips
3) Counterweight Blocks ( Cast iron/steel/concrete mix)
4) PU Buffers
5) Door Systems

Elevator Spart Parts
(Otis, Toshiba, Schindler, Kone, Mitsubishi, Hitachi)
1) Main Sheaves ( Otis/Schindler/Toshiba/Fuji/Express/Kone/Mitsubishi)
*Warranty for 5 years*
2) Door Parts - Door Locks, Door Shoes, Door contacts ,rollers, sills
3) Buttons ( Hitachi/Otis/Toshiba/Thyssen/Schindler/LG)
4) Door Hangar Rollers( Complete)
5) Inverters

Modernisation Packages

1)Full VVVF Controller unit with Drive PANVINA - Home Lifts

We have developed our own traction homelifts ( Panvina) for export markets

Escalator Spare Parts (Our Speciality)

1) Escalator Step Chain ( Heavy duty step chain for all major OEM Brands)
Otis/Kone/Schindler/Mitsubishi/LG/Fujitec/Hitachi * ONLY Original OEM
2) Step/Chain rollers ( original OEM type for
Otis/Thyssen/Hitachi/Mitsubishi/Schindler/LG/Kone * ONLY Original OEM
3) Escalator Steps ( Otis 506/510, Schindler SWE/9300/9500, Mitsubishi J
type/ Thyssen/Toshiba/Hitachi/Kone)
4) Escalator Handrails ( All Type, SBR /Hypalon )
5) Combs & Demarcation ( All types)
6) Escalator Safety Brush (Single/double in accordance to EN115/CP15 / UL
Std) *Best Price guaranteed'
7) Sheaves & Spocket
8) Escalator Inverter
9) Escalator Lighting