Microwave thawing equipment for seafood

2018-01-04 12:47:02


Colloidal particles in the desulfurization process to absorb microwave can from internal heating,
energy utilization high,

Microwave thawing equipment

This machine is used for thawing the frozen meat, aquatic products, meat products,seafood,poultry, egg products etc.Adjustable temperature rising make the materials achieve the subsequent processing optimum temperature and the best structure state in a few minutes.

Microwave defrosting equipment features:

1.Adopt the 915HZ or 2450HZ customized magnetron, strong penetrating power, fast defrosting speed

2.The equipment continuous operation,high reliability,safety and innocuity,good work environment,not pollute the product

3.Not destroy original ingredient,keep trophism,no corruption,keep the original taste