Tunnel type carrageenan microwave dryer machine/carrageenan microwave sterilization machine

2018-01-04 12:47:02

Tunnel type carrageenan microwave dryer machine/carrageenan microwave sterilization machine

Functions and features:

Products with automatic temperature control system, automatic microwave density control system, heating time control system, automatic alarm system, optional PLC control system, microwave tube using Panasonic brand, to ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work.

The equipment, small footprint, can be continuous access FCL heating, fast heating, uniform heating, mobility and good controllability, easy to install, easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection, and other characteristics. 24 hours of continuous work, microwave leakage meet national standards, in line with the United States UL standards.


1. The uniform distribution of the microwave field energy, strong penetrability, rapid heating, fast drying, good thermal effect and non-thermal effect to realize super.Deep low temperature sterilization, the maximum keep the appearance and nutrition

2. Perfect mechanical and electrical integration design, the whole variety of sensor real-time monitoring, infrared temperature measurement, according to the system safe and reliable;

3. Can choose program control, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, more humane, convenient operation and maintenance more simple;

4. Can be set in a on-demand processing temperature range, the implementation of closed loop control, strictly control the material to heat up.

Structure of microwave machine:

1.Transmission System:

a.Speed of Conveying belt is adjustable.

In the transmission system, it applies frequency-converting control of speed, worm gear reducer.

b.The conveyor belt is Teflon Belt,special for microwave.

c.The deviation of belt is adjusted with Hand-movement.


1.Package: wooden cases

2.Pelivery Detail: within 30 days

3.Transportation: by vessel

4.Delivery port: FOB qingdao


1.What is microwave?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy with frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz, generated by magnetrons under the combined force of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other.

2.What is the advantage of microwave equipment compare to traditional equipment?

Traditional is a surface drying and sterilization method, which is not only slow, but also nonuniform with the surfaces, edges and corners of mushrooms or fungus. The imperfect drying and sterilization will cause product rejections, waste energy and extend process time.

Microwave is a direct method of drying and sterilization. Energy is transferred through the material electro-magnetically, not as a thermal heat flux. Therefore, the effect of drying and sterilization is uniformity and process time is short.

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Tunnel type carrageenan microwave dryer machine/carrageenan microwave sterilization machine