Industrial Continuous Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine/Food Dehydrator Machine

2018-01-04 12:47:01

Industrial Continuous Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine/Food Dehydrator Machine

1. Products Description

1) Brief instruction:

  • Microwave are suitable for drying fruit and vegetables.
  • Easy to operate. Microwave power and Teflon conveyor belt are adjustable, can open and stop at any time,easy to operate. No dust,noist,pollution etc,improve production environment. 2~3 workers can be used for this machine.
  • Obvious drying effect(short drying time). Microwave heat from material inside to outside,make the material internal water moldecules vaporize rapidly,and shorten sterilizing time, about 3~5 minutes can finish and reach sterilizing effect.
  • Low-temperature drying,less loss of nutrition.
  • Save energy/efficient. Water molecule absorb microwave easily then temperature increase, rarely have energy loss .

2) Why choose microwave drying and don't choose traditional drying method?

Microwave drying is a new technology which widely using for drying peanut,walnut,pistachios,sunflower seeds,grain etc. Because of its fast roasting, save energy, no pollution and have sterilizing effect, now using microwave to sterilizing nuts&grains have become attention.

Now more and more people pay more attention to health , so microwave have gained good

selection considering its sterilization advantages.

Why choose ADASEN microwave ?

Microwave company is the earliest microwave equipment exporter in China . Now Microwave company

has improved its technology ,including machine quality ,safety and installation etc. And because

its good after-sale service , select Microwave is your best choice.

2.Technical Parameters

3.Guarantee and after-sales sevice

For the whole equipment,warranty is 12 months,within 12 months,if have equipment quality

problems,we will provide accessories freely. After the expiration of the warranty period,if have

spare parts problem,we only receive the cost of required replacement parts.We commit we will

provide free technical support of equipment all whole life.

5.Machine Pictures

NOTE:we can design according to your requirements!

Please contact me to talk more detail!