Door Roller With Axle For LG(Sigma) Elevator

2017-11-17 18:56:11


LSWR06 Door Roller With Axle,Φ65 X 13 X M12

LSWR01 Door Roller,Φ65 X 13 X 6202(S-Slot)

LSWR02 Door Roller,Φ33 X 10 X M10

LSWR03 Door Roller,Φ68 X 14 X 6202

LSWR04 Door Roller,Nylon,Φ56 X 14 X 6201

LSWR05 Door Roller,Φ56 X 14 X 6201

LSWR07 Guide Shoe Roller,Φ195 X 38 X 2-6003

LSWR08 Guide Shoe Roller,Φ235 X 30 X 2-6004

LSWR09 Guide Shoe Roller,Φ125 X 22 X 6303

LSWR10 PB226 Roller Guide Shoe Assembly,Roller:Φ195 X 38 X 2-6003,Mouting Hole:Φ140 X70