rosehip oil press machine

2018-02-01 10:21:09

rosehip oil press machine

1. Features:

1) Both cold press and hot press are available;

2) Higher oil yield, lower residue in oil cake;

3) Labor saving;

4) EnerLD saving

2. Specifications:

Model No.


Cold Press Capacity


Hot Press Capacity


Main Motor Power


Heater Power


Model No. For Vacuum Pump


Motor of Vacuum Pump


Model No. For Filter Cask


3. Pictures:

4. Operation principle:

When oil presses operating prepared materials enters extruding chamber from the hopper

and then moves forwards by the rotating pressing screw and that is pressed.

Under the high-pressure condition in the chamber,friction between material and screw, between

material and chamber,will be created, which also creates friction and relative movement among

material particles.On the other hand, root diameter of the pressing screw caries larger from one

end to the other.

When rotating, it not only pushes particles moving forwards but turns them outwards as well.

Meanwhile, particles adjacent the screw will rotate along with screws rotating, causing every

particle inside the chamber to possess different speed.

Therefore relative movement among particle creates heat which is necessary during manufacturing

because of helping protein change property, damage colloid, increase plasticity, decrease oils

elasticity resulting high oil productivity.

5. Company Introduction:

Shandong LD Grain and Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as LD)is specialized

in undertaking turnkey projects covering Edible Oil Equipment, Flour Milling Equipment, Feed Equipment

and other related machinery.

Our company has passed the international quality management system ISO 9001 and CE certificate.

LD has been undertaking more than 200 sets of oils and fats production turnkey projects, more than

300 sets of flour milling factories and more than 100 sets of feed mills in China and outside world.

6. Packaging:

7. Delivery: