Water proof EnerLD Saving Animal Feed Making Machine/Pig Feed Mill for sale with CE approved

2018-02-01 10:09:27


1. Structure: Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation, operation and maintenance;

2. Features: High accuracy,smooth driving,low noise and long service life;

3. Conditioner: Single layer, multilayer ,normal and enlarged full stainless steel conditioner can be selected;

4. Feeder:Full stainless steel feeder,frequency converter control feeder flow;

5. Ring mode: Equipped with different aperture ring mode;

6. Application: Widely used in the production of livestock and poultry feed.

Model Capacity Main Motor Power Conditioner power Feeder power Ring die Inner diameter Granular size Dimension WeigLD
250 0.5-2t/hour 22kw 2.2kw 0.75kw 250mm 2-10mm 1420*1200*1400mm 1ton
320 2-4t/hour 37kw 2.2kw 1.1kw 320mm 2-10mm 2200*1000*1500mm 2.5ton
350 3-7t/hour 55kw 3kw 1.5kw 350mm 2-10mm 2500*1100*1600mm 3.5ton
400 3-10t/hour 75/90kw 5.5kw 1.5kw 400mm 2-10mm 2800*1150*1730mm 3.8ton
420 3-14t/hour 110kw 5.5kw 1.5kw 420mm 2-10mm 2800*1150*1730mm 4ton
508 3-18t/hour 132/160kw 7.5kw 2.2kw 508mm 2-10mm 3000*1260*1860mm 4.5ton


1.Technical support online service provided.

2.Technical files service provided,

3.On-site training service provided.

4.Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

Packaging & Shipping

Supplying Range:

(1) 10-80t/h pig feed production line

(2) 10-20t/h suckling pig feed production line

(3) 10-80t/h chicken feed production line

(4) 10-80t/h duck feed, goose feed production line

(5) 10-60t/h rabbit feed production line

Customers' Visiting Pictures:

1 Our U.A.E customers came to our factory to see the machinery he ordered for the chicken feed making machinery.We give him a good solution in our negotiation process and he is very happy for this visiting tour.

2Our Singapore customers told us that the rabbit feed production line has been working in his project.We give him more technical support and video for his project.

Contact with us at any time if you have needs for the chicken,cattle,sheep,rabbit or other animal feed project in your country!