one pot Automatic chocolate melt machine/chocolate melt tempering machine

2018-01-31 15:58:36

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Product Description:
According to customers on the type of oil, daily processing volume, oil standards and other conditions of the requirements of processing customization, size, refining the number of cans, product prices are different.

one pot Automatic chocolate melt machine/chocolate melt tempering machine

Specification of the chocolate melting machine

name chocolate melting machine
Model No GSL-DD1
Heating 60 W
Power supply AC 110 v / 60, AC 220/50
Temperature 0-85 degree
The cylinder height 8 cm
Cylinder diameter 16 cm
material stainless steel
Size 290*230*190mm

Features of the chocolate melting machine

1. Magical effect: don\'t lie between water heating, simple operation, along with in harmony with the use, at ease
2. Automatic temperature control, computer control, precise will automatically adjust to the best temperature of chocolate
3. Quality assurance: no water vapor problem, completely avoid chocolate deterioration phenomenon
4. Super power: 24 hours a day instead of 3 cents
5. A fool operation: without over, is fully automatic
6. This is the latest development of a large capacity type tempering chocolate melting furnace, its characteristic: the very different from traditional chocolate furnace, traditional chocolate

Force will still use the principle of water heating furnace chocolate melts, is both time consuming and laborious, and have to worry about chocolate affected by water vapor and metamorphism; When the latest Research and development production of chocolate melting pot, in conducting way through professional design heating principle, through the layers of protection device, make its heat evenly, effectively.

Break through the traditional barriers, put an end to water vapor, no moisture, smokeless, odorless, no flame, not afraid of wind, high thermal efficiency, safety energy saving; Low pot also

Change traditional poor thermal conductivity of stainless steel pot, non food grade aluminum pan, etc., adopts professional good pot;

7 New style, sophisticated technology, small volume, convenient use and high cost performance, especially used for DIY handmade chocolate shop, chocolate fountain machine an ideal choice

Pictures of the chocolate melting machine

Other models of the chocolate melting machine

Chocolate fountain machine

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Usage of one pot Automatic chocolate melt machine/chocolate melt tempering machine
The frame oil filter are mainly used for auxiliary equipment of oil press machine.
Packing & Loading:
1. All machines, which is less than a full container, are packed by the standard wooden case for
exporting. So it is safe and strong enough for a long journey from our factory to your place.
2. If all the machines are shipped by a full container, the container will be loaded in
Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. by our workers. Also, all the machines will be fixed onto the container.

one pot Automatic chocolate melt machine/chocolate melt tempering machine are a kind of widely used plate and frame type oil filter machine, simple usage,stable performance, and applicable to filter of crude oil and bleached oil.
Working principle of one pot Automatic chocolate melt machine/chocolate melt tempering machine
1 This frame oil filter is composed of filter plates, filter frames, oil pump and filter cloth,etc.


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