melon seeds&sunflower seeds baking/roasting/sterilization machine

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Nut Microwave Roasting Machine,Industrial tunnel microwave baking and puffing equipment,peanut roasting equipment,microwave baking equipment,continuous microwave peeanut roasting machine,industrial microwave roasting baking machine,drying and sterilization machinery,melon seeds&sunflower seeds baking/roasting/sterilization machine widely used in the peanuts,sesame seeds,wheat, melon seeds, peanuts,corn,soybeans,walnuts, areca-nuts,almonds,chestnuts,pistachios, cashews and dried fruit etc baking.Compared with the traditional production methods, microwave baking foods are crispy and delicious,puffed full of particles,natural color, beautiful appearance,and has insecticidal sterilization.

1.While Nut Microwave Roasting Machine, along with the bactericidal effect. Microwave sterilization reflect in the dual role of thermal effects and non-thermal effects , compared to the conventional temperature sterilization ,can obtain a satisfactory sterilization in lower temperatures and a very short time.The sterilization temperature is around 80℃ in general,the processing time is 3~5 minutes,and can maintain its nutrients.

2.melon seeds&sunflower seeds baking/roasting/sterilization machine is easy to operate. Microwave power and the conveyor speed can be sleepless adjustment, there is no thermal inertia, can open and stop at an time, easy to control,improve the production environment.Microwave equipment melon seeds&sunflower seeds baking/roasting/sterilization machine,no waste heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, easy to implement the testing standards of food hygiene.

3.The melon seeds&sunflower seeds baking/roasting/sterilization machine effect is obvious. The purpose of rapid microwave heating effect, make the material internal water molecules vaporize rapidly,then reach the purpose of puffing.

4.Low-temperature sterilization,less loss of nutrients.Retain vitamin C,conventional heating treatment for fruits and vegetables is 46% ~ 50%,but the microwave can reach 60%~90%.Retain vitamin A,conventional heating treatment is 58%,but the microwave can reach 84%,and does not affect the original flavor,is a good method for deep processing of fruits&vegetables and get green foods.


1.heating rapidly and uniformity and efficient
3.proofing sterilization freshing
4 advanced craft

Microwave belt type machine for

drying/baking/roasting/sterilization melon seeds/sunflower


Microwave heating and drying, sterilization characteristics:

1.Heated rapidly, uniformly
Without heat conduction process, in an instant it can penetrate into the material is heated, the penetration depth of a few centimeters or even tens of centimeters, seconds to minutes microwave into heat. Microwave selective heating, and will allow more uniform heating.
Material containing moisture can easily absorb microwave heat, therefore, almost no other losses in addition to a small amount of transmission loss. Microwave heating compared with the far-infrared heating, saving energy 1/3 to 2/3.
3Anti-virus sterilization preservation
Microwave heating with thermal effects and biological effects, therefore, at lower temperatures, anti-virus bacteria and bacteria; can save the material activity and food vitamins, color and nutrients.
4.Advanced technology, continuous production
As long as the microwave power to heat or to terminate. Transmission system to ensure continuous production, saving capabilities.
5. safe
The microwave energy is to control the metal is heated indoor wave tube work, microwave leakage is effectively suppressed. Radiation hazards and harmful emissions, does not produce waste heat, neither contaminate food, do not pollute the environment
6 Devices, covering the improvement of working conditions

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