cardboard boxes Microwave drying equipment for paper&wood

2018-01-04 12:14:01


1.heating rapidly and uniformity and efficient
3.proofing sterilization freshing
4 advanced craft

Cherry wood/basswood Microwave drying equipment for paper&wood

Used for bamboo, wood(pencil board,wood floor,hanger), red wingceltis, old mahogany, ebony, cherry wood, basswood, birch, teak, ormosia henryi, black walnut, oak, boxwood, pear wood, water cyclobalanopsis, SangMu,, serpentine wood, birch, maple spruce, pine, hemlock, cercis, jacaranda, sophora japonica, maple wood, poplar, maple, HuangTong, Holly, ginkgo biloba wood, camphorwood, fir drying insecticide;and for straw products, paper,paper bag board, honeycomb paper, corrugated paper,veneer drying insecticide;and for root carving whole drying, etc.


1. Improve the quality of products,no cracking,no shrinking,no deformation,insect-resistant;

2. Drying and insecticidal proceed at the same time,good effect;

3. Drying fast,low energy consumption,lower the cost,increase efficiency;

4. No environmental pollution,particularly applicable to the factory which is located in the strict environmental requirements area;