Microwave dysmorphism rubber parts vulcanization machine

2018-01-04 12:15:01


1) penetrate heating
2) heating evenly
3) save energy
4)save labour

microwave rubber vulcanization machine

This equipment is mainly used for a variety of specifications of the high quality rubber strip continuous vulcanization production, and the traditional cure compared, sizing temperature uniformity, fast, can save energy 5 times, yields more than three times; With hot air, salt los and fluidized bed were compared, and the heating cost low, save manpower, the environment clean, easy to operate.
· adopts advanced multichannel microwave distributed supply can, single-chip microcomputer control digital display and compact structure design, make the strip heating is very uniform, convenient control, vulcanization high efficiency, speed, stable strip quality is good.
· equipment proposed four road safety microwave oven door, easy cleaning, maintenance, microwave leakage completely conform to the state standards.
· equipment work stability, good self-control, simple operation safety, save labor, production environment quality.

Control Cabinet

Conveyor belt


this equipment can be designed according to your requirement ,please feel free to contact me for more details.