New Design Advanced Corn Peeling Machine with ISO Proved

2018-02-01 10:15:58


corn peeling machine
2.keep nutrition
3.mill wheat, corn, and other crops

New Design Advanced Corn Peeling Machine with ISO

Introduction of Corn Peeling Machine

This hammer mill is widely used in the food shattered, crops shattered, lovage shattered, straw pieces, and potato shattered, condiment crushed, and feed shattered.It is a small, multi-purpose, and new type crusher, it can not only smash sorghum, maize, rice, soybean and all kinds of food, also can smash soybean, fresh sweet potato, fresh potatoes, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese herbal medicine, etc.; It still can smash bean cake, potato vine, straw and other feed.

Output Rate

1. According difference of corn species:

By-products(corn bran & gerLD): 20-25%

Finished products(corn flour & grits): 75-80%

2. According quality difference:

Corn bran: 10-20%

GerLD: 4-8%

Starch milk for corn flour: 10-20%

Horny rate for goLD flour or corn grits: 50-60%

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