crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

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crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process are widely used for drying and sterilizing powder, granular, flakes or colloidal form foods, nutritional health products, grain, agricultural and sideline products(rice, cornmeal), food, vegetables, and fruits, seafood, pickles,spices ( chilli powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, aniseed, cinnamon, angelica, cassia bark, fennel etc) , jam, a variety of small packaging and pet food mildew sterilization preservation.

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crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

The crude vegetable oil from above mentioned two ways of extracting, oil pressing and/or solvent extraction, will be pumped into oil refinery unit to produce cooking oil at various grades. The main equipment of oil refinery is various kinds of pot and tanks carrying on different tasks with additives. These tasks may include sedimentation/filtering, neutralization (removing free fatty acid), degumming, decolorization (bleaching), deodorization, dewax etc. Different combination of steps and the treating degree of each step result in different grade cooking oil and salad oil.

Neutralizing process of crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

There are 2 methods according to adding different quantity alikali and different oil temperature.

One is weak alkali(10-16 Be) and high oil temperature (75 degrees), who is only used for weak colour and low acidity; The other is low temperature(20 degrees orso ) and density alkali(20 Be orso), whose is used more.

Low temperature(20 degrees or so ) and density alkali(20 Be or so). Adjust the tempetature of oil to 20-30degrees, then put alkali water of 20-30 Be into oil within 5-10 mins, mixing and rise temperate for 20- 60 mins. When the temperature of oil rise to 60 degrees orso, to stop adding heats and immobility for 6-8 hrs to out of the soap particle. Weak alkali(10-16 Be) and high oil temperature (75 degrees) (Omission)
Washing by crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

After be out of the soap paticle from the under of refiner, then continustly adding the heats to 90degrees, then add some hot water to washing the oil, note the temperature of water is higher for 5-10degrees than oil temperature. Then mixing them for 5 mins, then immobility for 4 hrs, put off the soap water, so for 2-3 times which is confirmed as the oil quality.

Oil washed is added heat to 105 degrees orso, to mix then dehydrate for 1 hour, also directly is pumped into decolorizer vessel for dry for 30 mins in the vacuum condition.

Pump the oil netralized into decolorizer vessel, samely mixing to rise its temperature to 90 degrees, then mixing for 30 mins, to reduce water to 0.1%, then put a little clay (decoloring media) 2-4 % of total oil, mixing for 30 mins, to reduce the temperature to 70 degrees, then filte the clay with oil filter, to get the oil decolorized.

Pump the oil decolorized into deodorizer vessel in 755mmHg of vacuum, 240 degrees -260degrees, to distillate for 4hrs wit steaLD. Then turn off the steaLD to open the cooler to reduce the temperature to 40-80 degrees, and then check a little oil, if ok to pack it.

crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

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Shandong Leader LD Indutech Machinery Co., ltd (hereafter referred to as "LD") is a joint-stock machinery manufacturing enterprise, integrating industrial scientific research, production and marketing. The company is located in the Industry Area Zone of Shandong Leader, China.

The main products cover industrial drying machines,industrial crushingmachines, mineral processing machines, brick machines, biomass energetic machines, environment protection equipment, food oil press machines and other mechanical equipment. Our key product include stone crusher,sand maker, stone washing machine, ball mill, flotation cell, AAC block plant, rotaty drying machines, biomass burner, coal gasifier, oil press machine, packaging machine, breeding machines, fertilizer and pellets machineand other machines.

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LD has independent export rigLDs and offices in many countries & areas. Our products have passed CE certificate, exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, ELDpt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Canada, EU, etc. with annual sale 520 million RMB, earning foreign exchange USD 28 million.

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De-waxing/winterization process of crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

The standard Bleached Oil enters into the Crystallizing Tanks after heat exchange and cooling. The oil crystallizes and the crystal grows at design temperature. Crystallization speed should be slow and even and the oil should be agitated at the same time. The crystallized oil is sent to the Filter by screw pump to remove wax. Wax is sent to the Wax Tank and then sent to the Wax Storage Tank. Adopt Refrigerating Machine for refrigeration.

This technoloLD adopts mechanical method to dewaxing from the sunflower oil. It is easily operating and the technoloLD is mastered easily, small occupy area, also its cost is lower.

It the raw material is plam oil, it is better if you choose fracnation process equipment to match with oil refining.

Comparison of Dewaxing and FFA Fractionation



FFA Fraction

Working theory

Separate the wax or solid fat from liquid oil..

Separate the stearine, olein or solid fat from liquid oil.

Working temperature




Rice bran oil, sunflower oil, camellia oil, flax seed oil, corn germ oil

Palm oil, coconut oil, cotton seed oil


Dewaxing process means by forcing cooling to precipitate the high melting point wax and solid fat contained in the liquid oil, and separate the wax and fat from oil by filter.

Palm oil fractionation, which means separate the solid fat from liquid oil by by controlling the process of cooling and crystallization, the palm oil into the low-melting liquid phase (olein) and high-melting solid phase (stearine). Fractionated palm oil can be divided into three components: stearin (palm stearine), soft fat (palm olein) and the middle part (palm midfraction).

Melting points of stearin is generally 50 degrees, soft fat is generally about 24 degrees. Stearin for the manufacture of margarine and shortening, does not cause slow crystallization, greasy and after hardening. Palm Olein is an excellent frying oil. Melting point range in the middle part is narrow and close to body temperature, is used as a visual substitute cocoa butter.

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crude palm oil refining machine palm oil mill machinery palm oil refining process

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