High quality leakage detectors

2018-01-04 12:10:02


High quality leakage detectors:
2.high quanlity
3.low price

High quality leakage detectors

1, Conditions of Use

Ambient temperature: -10 °C - +40 °C, sensors to avoid glare

Relative Humidity: 66% ± 15%

Atmospheric pressure: 750 ± 30mmHg

2, Technicial parameters

1) Working band :3-33cm

2) Measuring power density range: 0.2um/cm2-20mw/cm2

3) Instrument with a digital display, measuring range into third gear: 200um/cm2 2mw/cm2 20mw/cm2 range are automatically converted and with the light-emitting diode indication

4) The instrument has alarm function, when radiated power density greater than 5mw/cm2 when the instrument alarms (adjustable threshold)

5) Scaling field accuracy: ± 0.75dB

6) Prompted rated voltage full scale error is less than ± 1.5%

The picture,

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