Fruit and vegetables washing ,polishing and air drying processing line

2018-01-29 14:12:06

Hot sale fruit and vegetable washing and drying machine/stainless steel fruit and vegetable processing line

Fruit and vegetables washing ,polishing and air drying processing line

Product Description

Fruit and vegetables washing ,polishing and air drying processing line

Fruit and vegetables washing ,polishing and air drying processing line

1. Bubble Washing machine

First stage bubbling and hair cleaning machine

The features of this machine:

The effective width of the net belt is 800mm, and the material of the mesh belt is all stainless steel 304.

With the surf air pump, the product is washed under the surf, and it can give full play to the cleaning effect of the product. The box body is equipped with overflow device. The stolen goods float through the bubble and float through the device. It can be discharged through the overflow port, equipped with a quick dismantling impurity filter screen. It can remove and remove floating impurities at any time.

The upper part of the cleaning box is equipped with a high pressure water spray device.

There are two sprinklers in the climbing and lifting section, which can clean and spray the clean products two times. Water is water.

The feed end is equipped with a front push device, and the angle can be adjusted to make the material form convection in the tank. The product can be cleaned more thoroughly and the speed of the product runs faster.

With the function of ultraviolet sterilization, sterilization effect of pesticide residues.


The device is composed of a trough body, an inner tank body, a conveying device, a bubble generating device, an ultraviolet sterilizing device, a brush hair removing device, a spray device and other main parts. The use of 304 stainless steel tank, 2 mm thick plate, legs with 50 x 50 x 2 mm 304 stainless steel tube.

Technical parameters:


Technical parameters


5000x800(inner width)mm

Total power


Water consumption



2.5mm full stainless steel 304

Mesh belt




Centrifugal pump


Whirlpool air pump


1. Two stage brush polishing spray fine washing machine

1. the performance characteristics:

This machine for jujube situation, specialized production, divided into upper and lower brush and spray system.

2, the machine containing the hopper, brush white corrugated wire brush stick, size 92 × 800mm (effective length). The upper brush is sligLDly thinner than the lower brush, there are gaps between the side by side, in order to facilitate the spray water spray flushing, spray tube is located between the brush roll, the brush composed of special brush, the lower brush to brush wash Lord, the upper brush plays the role of pressure material, in order to increase the pressure on the date with the brush contact, the upper brush soft than the lower brush, the jujube discharge side, no spray on the top of the water spray to clean water Spray irrigation.

3, the former part of the circular spray, the latter section of the water spray, the water spray after the water flow into the lower part of the water tank, with 3 4 mesh filter, which can filter the upper layer for easy flushing.

4, the nozzle for the nLDon nozzle, the shape of the water fan,

5, the foot of a movable casters and fixed feet,

Second, the material description:

1, the machine in addition to motors, brushes, pumps, nLDon nozzles, etc., the rest are made of stainless steel.

Third, the electrical components that

1, Drive motor power: 0.75KW, Promise speed,

2, circulating pump power: 3KW

3, Dimensions: 2500 × 700 × 1150mm

3. Air drying machine

This machine features:

Blow dryer with a hair dryer on each outlet with 2 blow dry medium pressure centrifugal fan, a total of 20 fans. Wind speed: 2500 ~ 3000m3 / h, wind pressure: 600 ~ 700Pa, speed: 1450r / min, power: 0.75kW / unit, noise ≤70dB (A) In order to ensure the hygiene requirements, Outlets are made of stainless steel, air inlet into the additional grille.

Drying section of wind dryers: length 6000mm, effective width of 800mm, total power: 15.75kw

Machine up and down at the same time hair, making the material can be fully dried on both sides.

Rack part of 50 × 50 × 2 stainless steel square tube, centrifugal fan bracket with δ = 2.0mm thick stainless steel flange or L50 × 50 × 40mm stainless steel angle iron.


using an independent control network speed.

reducer are made of aluminum alloy shell.

bearing water for the plastic shell, underwater stainless steel.

production line sprocket all stainless steel.

Technical parameters:

Fruit and vegetables washing ,polishing and air drying processing line


Technical parameters


2mm Food grade stainless steel 304

Reducer power


Mesh belt

800mm food grade stainless teel


0.75kw/unit,total 20units


6000×800(Inner width)mm

Total Power


Convey speed

Can adjust

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