Series Strong Flow fruit drying machine / food dehydrator machine

2018-01-29 14:01:09

Product Description

Large Capacity Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven

Parts Quantity and Requirement

Two drying cart(695*935*1430) was equipped, the hot circulation fan adopts 2 0.45 KW Axial flow fan, 48 0.5mm drying trays are also adopted. There is dehumidifier fan besides the outlet. The controlling of the temperature is displayed by numbers automatically. Other parts are equipped as the standards in the business. This is the electric heating one.

The working standard of the drying oven.

1. Working temperature:50-140℃(can be adjusted according to the requirement)

2. The total air flow of the hot air circulation is 3450x2=6900 m3/H

3. Heating source : electrical heating heating power: 15kw

4. Max capacity: 120kg/batch

Requirement for the material

1. The internal wall uses 0.8mm stainless steel and the external wall use 1.2mm stainless steel. The frame was hold by the 5# angle iron

2. The drying cart was made by 38*38 or 38*25 stainless steel cube tube,the side rail was made by δ1.5 mm board stainless steel.

3. The drying tray was 0.5mm hand made plate.The size of the drying plate is 6408460*45mm.

4. Aluminum silicate heating preservation cotton is used for heating preservation. The thickness is 80mm.

5. The drying door sealing uses food grade silicone rubber circle (can be customized)

Production requirement

1. The drying oven was assembled , the gap between the top and oven is no more than 2mm.

2. The rising of the temperature after continuously working for 3 hour or longer can be more than 40℃

3. The working noise can be no more than 72dB.

Technical parameter

1.working volume:2.4(m³) :2.4

2.Air fan volume:3450x2=6900(m³/h)

3.power of automatic fan:0.45kw/set

4.Adopt drying trays: 640x460x45 48pcs

5.heating power:15kw

Packaging & Shipping



1.We can load container at:LDngdao,LD ,ningbo,tianjin,LD etc.

2.Orange provide shipping method:Courier service,Air transport,Sea Transport

3.Can accept order:Full container cargo load,Less container load

4.Delivery term :EXW,FOB,CIF,CNF,Door to Door etc.

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