Japan original multifunctional portableDX-50 Mini vegetable slicing machine

2018-01-29 13:59:17

Japan original multifunctional portable DX-Mini vegetable slicing machine

This machine is completely suited to cutting leeks into round slices!

By the ultra-high speed planetary motion of round blade(6000rmp),amazingly speedy processing is achieved.

Easy cleaning and maintenance from the compact design.

Example:Cutting long green onions into round slices

Work efficiency

In manual terLD:around 68 times more efficient.

Application:Slicing long green onions

Accessory/Round blade sharpener

Option/Special cover for shaving cuts(for cutting green onions diagonally)

Cover of trumpet shape insertion slot(For spring onions)

The round blade common to the DX-50 series machines

Technical parameters:


Insertion slot:95*38mm (Deformed semicircular)

Rated power consumption:100/110W 50/60hz


Operating time:20 minutes

Processing capacity:Cutting 15 long green onions(around 3 kg) into round slices:about 1 minute

Adjustment of thickness:0.3 to 5.0mm(stepless)