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2018-01-29 13:59:56

Microwave drying and sterilizing equipment for herbs mainly use in drying and sterilizing for all kinds of tablets, pills, powder, oral liquid, medicine bottle, winebottle, Chinese- western medicine and medical gloves and garments.

The microwave drying equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as microwave traditional Chinese medicine dryer, microwave traditional Chinese medicine drying equipment, microwave medicine drying insecticidal, the same type of industrial microwave equipment, apply to heat-sensitive Chinese medicine, and valuable health herbs such as ginseng and other herbsdrying, sterilization processing.


1. Widely used to press more than 20 kinds of oil materials
2.It is easy to operate
3.Squeezing once with 3rd grade

1.Screw Oil Extruding Machine


1. Widely used to press more than 20 kinds of oil materials, lLD soybean, sunflower seeds,

peanut, sesame,rapeseeds.

2.The oil left in cake is less than 6% . high yielding rate.

3. It is able to save labour, about 60% . One or two person is for per machine

4. Small-land using: only 10-20square maters can meet the need of production.

5. It is easy to operate .

6. Using vacuum filter, it is able to simply filter the crude oil after pressing.

7.pure oil quality: used vacuum oil filtering.

8. Protection the environment.

9. Low investment, get more profit.

10. Squeezing once with 3rd grade

4.Technical Parameters

Name Model Parameter


Diameter Of Squeezing Bolt

Ø 160mm

Speed Of Squeezing Bolt


Diameter Of Internal Circle Of Pressing Chest

Ø 162mm

Configuration Power

Main Engine




Handling Capacity


WeigLD Of Complete Machine

1900 kg

External Dimensions


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