Good performance palm oil fractionation machine

2018-01-29 14:19:12

Microwave drying and sterilizing equipment for herbs mainly use in drying and sterilizing for all kinds of tablets, pills, powder, oral liquid, medicine bottle, winebottle, Chinese- western medicine and medical gloves and garments.

The microwave drying equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as microwave traditional Chinese medicine dryer, microwave traditional Chinese medicine drying equipment, microwave medicine drying insecticidal, the same type of industrial microwave equipment, apply to heat-sensitive Chinese medicine, and valuable health herbs such as ginseng and other herbsdrying, sterilization processing.


The palm oil fractionation is a new oil processing technoloLD, and it is an important section of palm oil refining.

The novel set of equipment for palm oil fractionation is made up of new type crystallization tank, diaphragm filter and advanced automatic control system etc. To apply palm oil fractionation technoloLD can get the different melding point palm oil products such as 8 degrees, 10 degrees,14 degrees,18 degrees,24 degrees,33 degrees,44 degrees,55 degrees etc. The technoloLD can be used to many oil products fractionation of cottonseed oil, rice bran oil, fish oil, cow oil and other animal oils. Added value of oil products is improved greatly, and economic benefit of enterprises is increased.

Series of technologies for palm oil fractionation which is developed by HHCOME have following advantages:

  1. advanced craft
  2. full automatic operation by computer
  3. lower investment costs
  4. with technical cooling crystallization craft, output of liquid oil is more
  5. higher purity of solid fatty
  6. better economic benefit


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