10-80T/Hpalm oil extractor processing machine ,Palm oil production line, Crude Palm oil turn-key project

2018-01-29 13:10:15

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Papalm oil extractor processing machine
1.World advanced technoloLD
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10-80T/D palmoil extractor processingmachine (Turn-key Project)

we supply the turn-key project to customer from A to Z, include electricity, water, equipments, steam etc. our engineers have rich experience in installation and commissioning in overseas.

Main process :

The palm oil is contained in palm pulp, the pulp is high moisture content and rich lipase. Usually we adopt the method of press to produce it, and this technoloLD is very mature.

Before press , Fresh fruit bunch will be taken sterilizer and thresher pretreatment : After weigLDing the FFB , it is loaded the FFB conveyor by loading ramp, then the FFB will convey to the vertical sterilizer.

FFB will be sterilized treatment in sterilizer, the FFB will be heated and sterilized treatment for several time to avoid the lipase be hydrolyzed ,

after sterilizer ,the FFB is distributed bunch conveyor by the mechanical bunch feeder and enter the thresher machine which separate the palm fruit and bunch ,

for the empty bunch ,it is conveyed empty bunch loading platform and transport it to outside the factory area at fixed period , the empty bunch could be used as fertilizer and repeat use ;

The palm fruit which has passed sterilizer and thresher processing should be sent to digester and then go to special screw press to get the crude palm oil (CPO) form the pulp . But the pressed palm oil contain a lot of water and impurity which need to be clarified by sand trap tank and treated by the vibrating screen ,afterward the CPO will be sent to clarification station treatment section . For the wet fibre cake which be produced by screw press, after separating nut, it will be sent to boiler house to burnt.

Parameter Index of Crude plam oil:

(1)Crude palm oil standard:


max.5 %

Moisture :

max. 0.1 %


max.0.02 %

(2)Kernel Standard :

Broken Kernel:

max.15 %


max.7 %


max.6 %

Pictures of our crude palm oil processing plant:

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